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Our Prices

Dental service prices can be confusing since most people (at least those without a dental practice) barely know what their treatment needs. Still, we are happy to share our prices with you so you can compare it with your local dentist prices.

If you’d like to get your personalized treatment plan with detailed prices, our local consultants are happy to help. Contact us and find the exact cost of your treatment!


Digital Panoramic X-Ray


CT Scan


Intraoral X-ray

Conservative Dentistry

Ultrasonic Calculus Removal


Composite Filling (up to 2 surfaces)


Composite Filling (up to 4 surfaces)


Cement Filling / Stump Build-Up


Root Canal Treatment + Root Canal Filling (Incisor)


Root Canal Treatment + Root Canal Filling (Premolar, molar)


Core buildup


Tooth whitening (upper and lower)


Metal-ceramic crown


All ceramic crown


Zirconium crown


Inlay (composite or gold, the price of gold is not included)


Ceramic inlay with CAD-CAM


Ceramic veneer


Telescopic Crown (primary and secondary)


Removable partial prosthesis with cast hooks


Complete, removable prosthesis


Temporary dental prothesis


Temporary crown for the period of treatment


Temporary crown for the period of healing


Core build-up






Alpha-Bio implant


Nobel Replace implant


Abutment – standard


Abutment – premium


Gingiva former


Simple tooth extraction


Surgical tooth extraction


Wisdom tooth extraction


Sinus lift + membrane and materials


Bone replacement including 1g BioOss


Frequently Asked

Can I use my European Health Insurance Card here?
No, this is a private clinic.
How and when can I pay in Hungary?
You can pay after each treatment and before the last treatment by cash or debit/credit card.
What are the payment options?
You can pay by bank transfer and on spot by cash or debit/credit card. We accept the following currencies: HUF, EUR or USD.
Do I have to pay a deposit?
We do not require deposit. You are able to pay the fee of the particular treatment that has been done, meaning you pay in parts after each treatment phase.
I have accepted your offer but I would like to make some changes. Is this possible?
Yes, making changes is possible. Just send us a message listing the required changes. You will then receive an email once the changes are added to your profile.

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