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Consultation, dental examination

  • How can I get a treatment?
  • Click on the ’price request’ button and fill in the form describing your dental problem and/or add the exact treatments you are interested in. An accurate price and treatment plan can be given only after the upload of a panoramic x-ray.
    You could also click on the “Make an Appointment” button and fill out the form. This way you book a free meeting with one of our local partners who will answer your questions and give you a detailed treatment plan. Once you accept the plans and we find a date at your convenience all is left is the advanced deposit to be paid and then your trip to Hungary.
  • How can I get a price offer from you?
  • Click on the “Price request” button and fill out the form or you could also meet our local partner who can guide you through the process and give you a price offer.
    We will give you a rough estimate and an average time period for the requested treatments and if you wish to have a more precise price and treatment plan you will have the option to send us a fresh panorama x-ray which will help us to set up an accurate diagnosis and tell you exactly what options we can offer you.
  • Why is a panoramic x-ray needed prior to dental treatments?
  • A panoramic x-ray is essential in order to create an accurate diagnosis.
  • After a strong toothache, the pain stopped. Should I still visit my dentist?
  • Yes! Even if the pain has stopped the problem still exists! Visit your dentist to solve the problem!


  • How long does it take to prepare a dental crown?
  • A dental restoration is made in a dental laboratory and usually takes 3-5 days to complete.
  • What is the advantage of metal-free restorations?
  • Metal-free restorations have various advantages, the main is that they don’t cause allergies and they are very precise and can fit invisibly to the gum.
  • Is it possible to restore a tooth without polishing?
  • Yes! With implantation, a missing tooth can be restored without polishing the neighbouring teeth.

Oral surgery

  • Why is it important to replace a missing tooth?
  • The teeth surrounding the gap get loose, the teeth opposite the gap raise from the line. These can damage the chewing ability and the tissue holding the teeth.


  • What is implantation and to whom is it recommended?
  • An implant is an artificial root of the tooth. It is made of tissue friendly titanium. Every healthy person who has a missing tooth can get an implant. Only in the case of diabetes, osteoporosis, smoking or bad oral hygiene, it is not recommended.
  • What treatments need to be done in order to decide that a patient is suitable for implantation?
  • The completed health questionnaire and a fresh panoramic x-ray
  • For how long does an implant work?
  • A properly designed and maintained implant can last for life.
  • What are the advantages of a dental implant?
  • It is possible to create fixed restorations while without implants only removable dentures could be applied. With this solution, the missing teeth can be replaced without polishing the neighbouring teeth.
  • What are implants made of?
  • We use tissue friendly titanium implants.
  • When the bone replacement treatments become necessary?
  • Dental implantation is possible only in case the jawbone is thick enough. In case the available bone is too thin, bone replacement treatment will be necessary to thicken the bone.
  • What materials are used to replace the bones?
  • We can use the patient’s own bone or artificial material.

Tooth whitening

  • To whom is tooth whitening recommended?
  • It is recommended to anybody above 18 who is not satisfied with the colour of their teeth. Tooth whitening is not recommended for those who are under 18, pregnant or suffer from gingivitis. Also if you have decayed or loose teeth, not correctly closed filling or crown, it is advised to fix these first before proceeding to tooth whitening.


  • Can my teeth be treated during pregnancy?
  • Yes, they can but we only do necessary treatments without x-ray of course.
  • What can I do if my gum is swollen and is bleeding when I brush my teeth?
  • It is normal during pregnancy. Gingivitis is caused by the increased level of progesterone and the increased blood flow which makes the gum more sensitive. This will disappear after giving birth.
  • Can I use my European Health Insurance Card here?
  • No, this is a private clinic.
  • Can I pay with PAYPAL?
  • You can pay by bank transfer and on spot by cash or debit/credit card.
  • When should I pay the deposit?
  • Deposit is due when you accept our price offer and provide us with your trip`s timeframe at your convenience. Once we assign the exact date we will send it to you with the deposit invoice.
  • How and when can I pay in Hungary?
  • You can pay after each treatment and before the last treatment by cash or debit/credit card.


  • The relaxation treatments module disappeared from my profile page. What happened?
  • As stated before, relaxation treatments can be booked 2 weeks prior to your first appointment.
  • Can I order relaxation treatments when I’m already in Hungary?
  • It depends on whether the therapists have free capacity or not. In case we have free periods, naturally we will be happy to offer them to you.

Tour guide

  • What languages does a guided tour offer?
  • Currently the guided tours are available in English and French.
  • How long does one tour take?
  • Usually they take 2 – 2,5 hours but it always depends on your individual needs and wishes.
  • Does the price include the price of the food and drinks at the Tastes of Szeged tour?
  • No, it only includes the tour guiding. You need to pay for the food and drink separately.


  • Can I get help with buying tickets?
  • Naturally, we are always happy to help.


  • Can I book a room through Globewalker?
  • Globewalker recommends its partner hotels where you can book a room with a discount if you make your room reservation through Globewalker.
  • What happens if I click on the ’I’m interested’ button next to the hotel’s description?
  • Our system will send a message to your chosen hotel informing its team that you are interested in their services. The staff will contact you via email to specify your wishes and will finalize your order if you are happy with their offer.

Airport Shuttle

  • How can I change my transfer?
  • Sign in at, at “Messages” leave us a message about cancelling your transfer and order a new one with the correct details.


  • Can I change the date of my dental treatments?
  • Sign in at (available after you’ve signed the contract), at “Messages” and leave us a message specifying the required changes. We can’t guarantee it however if we have the capacity we will make the requested changes.


Price request

  • Can I make changes to my price request after it has been sent?
  • Yes, it is possible. If we have already answered and you have access to your profile page, you can send us a message in “Messages” if you wish to cancel or add any other treatments to your price request. In case we haven`t replied yet, please wait for our answer or write directly to
  • I have accepted your offer but I would like to make some changes. Is this possible?
  • Yes, making changes is possible. Sign in at, at “Messages” leave us a message listing the required changes. You will then receive an email once the changes are added to your profile.



  • Where can I upload x-rays?
  • Sign in at, at “X-ray” click on “Choose a file” and after choosing the file you want to upload click on Uploading X-ray.
  • Can anybody see the data on my profile page?
  • All the data given there can be seen in our system, however being a closed system, only some of our staff have access to it. We never release any data to a third party without your permission.

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