Ultrasonic Calculus Removal (scaling)

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Ultrasonic Calculus Removal (scaling)

Tha aim is to remove the calculus and sediment from the area below and above the gum and by doing so stop unpleasant breath odour.

What are the steps of ultrasonic calculus removal?

First is the calculus removed with an ultrasonic scaler (below and above the gum), then with manual instruments from the area below the gum.

After that, the surface of the teeth will be polished with special pastes, brushes and rubber cups.

What to do after treatment?

Cervical hypersensitivity (too cold, warmth, sweet or sour tastes) can happen that can be stopped with the use of sensitive toothpaste or flour gel. Food colourants should be avoided (coffee, tea, wine, cola, smoking), they stain teeth. Proper dental hygiene (brushing, flossing) is essential.

Advantages of ultrasonic calculus removal

Ultrasonic calculus removal should be done regularly due to its benefits:

Better breath odour

It improves breath odour.

Doesn’t harm the enamel

It doesn’t harm the enamel, usually, it is done without local anaesthesia, in case of pain in local anaesthesia.


The teeth`s original colour and shape can be restored.

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