Tooth jewelry

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Tooth Jewelry

The “tooth jewelry” can be placed on a tooth without cutting into the natural tooth structure. Costume “diamonds” or real diamonds can be placed onto the tooth surface.

Things to know about tooth jewelry:

Tooth jewelry

  • is temporary
  • is painless
  • no drilling or holes needed
  • does not harm the tooth.

What’s the procedure?

  • The tooth is cleaned with a fluoride-free polishing paste.
    Then the specific point where the jewel will be placed is etched with orthophosphoric acid for about 20-30 sec to prepare the surface area for bonding.
  • The light-curing bonding agent will be applied and the jewel will be placed on its place.
  • It takes about 4 minutes to safely affix the jewel.
  • The enamel is treated with topical fluoride to remineralize the etched area.

This finished product will last for about two to four years!

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