Sinus Lift

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Sinus Lift

It is a type of oral surgery when the bone material of the upper jawbone is artificially thickened.

What to aim of the treatment?

Implantation of a sufficient amount of bone material between the maxillary sinus and the upper jawbone. In order to provide enough space for the bone material, the membrane of the sinus must be lifted.

What happens prior to sinus lift treatment?

A dental examination, where x-ray and CT are necessary. The results will be explained to the patient.

What are the steps sinus lift?

The treatment is done in local anaesthesia. The inside wall of the sinus is lifted from the edentulous area. In the hole created by it, a bone material will be put that can be artificial bone (tri-calcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite) or bone chips taken from the patient’s own bone.

What to do after the operation?

On the day of the operation, the wound can be washed gently with a soft toothbrush. Fomentation is prohibited but the face can be ice-compressed from the outside. Some oozing of blood can occur after the surgery. Take painkillers if necessary and antibiotics only how your doctor prescribes it.

The stitches are removed in 5-7 days.

Advantages of sinus lift

Sinus lift treatment enables other dental treatments.

Builds a structure for implant

The newly built bone structure is solid enough for keeping the implant. 

Smooth operation

Although the steps might seem a bit complicated or frightening, sinus lift is quick, safe and painless.

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