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Dental Implants

A complete restoration of one or more missing teeth with the most up-to-date and safest method.

What happens prior to the operation?

The operation is preceded by dental examination, x-ray and consultation. A complete status is taken and the treatment plan is created based on the results. To identify the exact location of the planned implant a panorama x-ray is also necessary.

In every case, impressions are taken of both the upper and lower jawbone, in order to measure the location of the implants and plan the final work. The prospective results, potential complications the obtainable aesthetic effects are discussed with the patient.

What are the steps of treatment?

The treatment is done in local anaesthesia.

A gingival flap is made by cutting the gum, then a little spiral is drilled into the bone with a special drill. The titanium screw will be screwed in then, and it will become the new tooth’s root. The wound will be closed with stitches. The screw in the bone will have to rest for 4-6 months.

During this time ossification between the screw and the jawbone happens so the implant becomes basically fitted into the bone. The screw can’t hold weight in the healing phase so during this time temporary bridge or denture can be used. When the screw is fixed stably in the jawbone the second operation can take place.

The screw under the gum will be explored again and a small cap will be screwed on it so that it will rise above the gum level. We call it a healing cap. The gum heals for 2-3 days, then the phase without operation comes next when we screw in the final cap that becomes the base for the future bridge. After taking an impression the lab technician creates the required restoration.

Potential complications

95-99% of the in-built implants function perfectly. The possible complications are rare.

In those rare cases due to incorrect ossification, the implant can’t be fixed into the bone. Swelling, sensitivity and pain can occur. The success of the implantation is eminently based on how well the edge of the screws at the gingival line is cleaned. If an infection reaches the bone, inflammation can occur, the implant can loosen or it can even fall out.

Our clinic offers guarantees for the implants we do!

What to do after the operation?

After the day of the operation, the wound can be brushed with a soft brush. Fomentation, warming it with a pillow is forbidden. The swelling must be chilled with a cold pack from the outside! For a few hours after the operation, the wound might be leaking blood. Painkillers can be taken but when taking antibiotics follow your dentist’s instructions. Stitches are removed 5-7 days after surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Dental implants are probably the best solution for missing tooth replacement.

A modern solution

With it the inconveniences caused by removable dentures can be avoided, it gives a modern solution for partial and complete tooth loss.

Doesn't harm surrounding teeth

The surrounding teeth around the missing tooth don’t need to be polished.

Small possibility of complications

Complications may occur in very rare cases which may cause the implant to loosen or fall out.

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