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Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth. Dentures are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

The aim is the reconstruction of the face’s harmony and occlusal rehabilitation.

Dentures types

  • Partial denture: The removable denture is connected to the existing teeth with a visible or hidden anchor.
  • Full denture: If all teeth are missing, we create a full denture.

Partial dentures

In case of a partial denture, the removable part can connect to the undecayed tooth, crown or bridge in many ways. The simplest way is if the metal part is fixed to the tooth with clasps (clasp-retained denture). It’s not the best choice aesthetically as the clasps are visible on the neck of the teeth.

The best solution aesthetically is the hidden anchorage. This time the bridge and the removable restoration must be made together. This is called combined work, as there is a fixed glued and a removable part. One stud is at the end of the bridge and the other is inside of the denture. When putting the denture in, the anchorage can’t be seen. Another advantage of this type of solution is that it’s stable even during eating.

Steps of creation

Regardless of the type of the denture the steps of creation are similar. At first, an impression is taken of both dental arches that help the lab technician to create their own impression tray for the next appointment.

With the help of this, an even more precise impression can be taken and this way the denture will become more stable.

During the same appointment the setting of the vertical dimension of occlusion in done. This is important as the place of the missing teeth are filled with wax supporting the cheeks and lips removing the wrinkles of the sunken cheeks. In the next phase, the teeth put into the wax are tried. Then their size, shape and position still can be changed if the patient requires it.

Only if it meets all the requirements will the lab technician create the final denture.

What to do after treatment?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene as under not properly cleaned dentures bacteria and fungi can spread causing inflammation. It is advised to clean the dentures after meals and to use denture cleaning tablets at night.

Advantages of dentures

Dentures has pros and cons, which are:

Better looking

With the help of a full denture, the wrinkles created by tooth loss will disappear.

Chewing ability restored

Dentures restore the chewing ability too.


The teeth`s original colour and shape can be restored.

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