Dental veneers

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Dental Veneers

The veneer is a thin (0.5mm-1mm) layer fitted onto the outer surface of the tooth.

What are dental veneers for?

Dental veneers serve an aesthetical role. Their aim is to restore extensive discolouring, unflattering shape, snag, axial deviation or a diastema between two teeth.

Dental Veneer Types

Two veneer technology exists depending on their making and application: direct and indirect veneer.

Direct Veneers

Direct Veneers are aesthetic thin layers that are created by the dentist directly in the mouth. They are the most humane veneer types, in many cases, they don’t need the preparation of teeth.

Based on their expansion:

  • partial aesthetic direct veneer: This time the veneer covers only a part of the outer surface of the tooth. In case of the correction of teeth discoloured by enamel fluorosis, tetracycline…etc. we prepare the tooth only in the area of the irregularity so the loss of dental material is minimal.
  • full aesthetic direct veneer: it’s a veneer type that covers the whole front side of the tooth.
  • aesthetic direct veneer without polishing: can be created if the tooth needing aesthetic correction is a little further in than the neighbouring teeth, this way polishing is not needed when applying the veneer.

The process of creation

The tooth should be prepared only minimally. In many cases, this only means a thorough cleaning of the tooth. After this, the process is similar to when we create aesthetic fillings. The tooth should be isolated in order to avoid any contact with the moisture of the mouth. Then the tooth should be prepared for glueing (conditioning), then the application of the adhesive plastic comes and then the polymerization. Applying thin layers, we create the veneer with the use of different colours and transparent materials. In the end, the direct veneer will be polished so it looks like it’s completely natural.

Indirect (Porcelain) Veneers

The porcelain veneer is a thin porcelain sheet, that is made by a lab technician based on an impression and the dentist fixes it on the front side of the tooth. Its advantage is that it works with little tooth loss.

The dentist polishes off only a thin layer (0.5mm-1mm) of the front side of the tooth. The surface and the colour of the tooth won’t change and accretion won’t form either. As it doesn’t contain any metal, patients with a metal allergy can get it also.

What are the steps of dental filling?

After local anaesthesia, the unneeded, decayed parts of the tooth are removed.

Depending on the depth of the prepared cavity the teeth are relined. These surfaces are etched with acid for a short time, then after applying a thin layer of adhesive plastic, the filling is built up layer by layer.

These layers are exposed to UV light, which hardens the filling material. The surface of the fillings is modified by a bur until it is comfortable. Then the surface is polished.

What to do after treatment?

Maintaining proper oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups.

Advantages of dental veneers

Every dental treatment has pros and cons. Dental fillings is a restorative treatment which’s aim is to save the tooth.

Looks natural

It’s aesthetic and looks natural.

Various tooth injuries could be solved

It’s a great way to treat a chipped or damaged tooth.

Has limitations

It’s not recommended in case the teeth are too decayed, if they have a large filling and in case the patient’s dental 

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