Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings

It’s a conservative treatment. Its aim is the restoration of the hole on the crown or root of the tooth.

What to do prior to dental filling?

A precise oral examination, an x-ray of the tooth and surrounding area are necessary.

During the next consultation our patients get detailed information about the planned treatments, the type of anaesthesia and if needed, the materials used, the possible complications and what is to be done after treatment. It is advised to eat before every dental treatment because it is recommended not to eat until the numbness lasts, which is usually for 3-4 hours after the injection.

What are the steps of dental filling?

After local anaesthesia, the unneeded, decayed parts of the tooth are removed.

Depending on the depth of the prepared cavity the teeth are relined. These surfaces are etched with acid for a short time, then after applying a thin layer of adhesive plastic, the filling is built up layer by layer.

These layers are exposed to UV light, which hardens the filling material. The surface of the fillings is modified by a bur until it is comfortable. Then the surface is polished.

What to do after dental filling?

For a little while cold-hot sensitivity can occur, but after a while, this should disappear. In case of masticatory pain, one should go back to the dentist as if the filling is too high it can be overfilled and it should be corrected. It is recommended to avoid coffee, tea, wine and smoking as they discolour the filling.

Advantages of dental fillings

Every dental treatment has pros and cons. Dental fillings is a restorative treatment which’s aim is to save the tooth.

Saves the tooth

The teeth`s original colour and shape can be restored.

Saves the tooth

The teeth`s original colour and shape can be restored.

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