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All On Four

The All-on-4 treatment provides patients with a fast and cost-effective
solution by needing only 4 implants to support an entire arch of teeth.
It is a fast and immediate option to rehabilitate one’s smile.

However, an initial assessment is necessary to evaluate whether the patient is
meeting the requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental bridges

Every dental treatment has pros and cons. For teet extraction these are:

Lower Cost

The All on Four is cost-effective since it only requires 4 implants.

Only a single surgical procedure is needed

One of the biggest advantages of the all on four technique is that it requires only one surgical procedure instead of several ones.

New smile in a single day

The other great advantage of the all on four is that it is much faster than any other method since you can have a brand new smile by the end of the day!

No bone grafting needed

In most cases, no bone grafting is needed which fastens and simplifies the treatment!

A strong bone structure is a must

A strong bone structure is essential for all on four in order to support a full set of teeth. Unfortunatelly, not all patients meet this requirement.

No implants can be placed in the molar area

There is not much room for where the implants could be placed and at this treatment, we can’t put implants into the molar area.

Fewer testing opportunities

Since it is a one-day procedure, patients do not get the chance to really test out whether the comfort and appearance are according to their wishes.

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